How To Stop Raccoons From Getting Under A Shed Or Porch

Keeping Raccoons Out from Under the Shed or Porch
Sheds and porches offer great shade and protection for raccoons. When they want to nest or when they want a safe place to go, this gives them the chance to relax. They do not have to worry about predators, they have easy access to food and water, and everything is there for them.

For raccoons, it is great. For you, not so much. You do not want raccoons on your property. They can damage the property, spread diseases and other health hazards, and be a general nuisance. They are a problem for you and you need them gone.

Stopping them from getting under your shed or porch is possible. This is something you can manage with relative ease and it is something that should show positive results.

Do Not Have Access Points
The raccoons get under there from somewhere. If you have any holes or gaps or other spaces around your shed or porch, fix them. These are the open spaces that the raccoons use, and they are going to continue using them for as long as they are there.

Go around looking for damage. If you spot any, repair it fully without any available access left over. Make sure that you do high quality builds that raccoons cannot break through.

Strengthen the areas around the shed and porch, too. If there is anything that could make getting inside easier, such as low quality materials or poor construction or soft ground, make it harder for the raccoon. You want to make this nearly impossible for them.

You can also use mesh or netting around the outside to increase the difficulty of getting through. With this, the raccoons will have no ability to enter.

Limit Access to Food and Water
The raccoons go into your property for various reasons, including food and water. Any food or water around the property will make it appealing, increasing their likelihood of sticking around.

Remove and seal any food or water that you can. This is not always possible, but try to clean the area up to your best ability.

You want to make sure the raccoons have no reason to stay there.

Raccoons will get under your shed or porch if given the opportunity. It is safe to them, and any access to food and water will only make it better. With the methods above, you can keep them out as much as possible, if not completely.

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