Can You Use Repellents To Get A Raccoon Out Of A Chimney?

Using Repellents on Raccoons in Chimneys
Raccoons getting into your chimney will cause a great deal of stress and problems for you. They are destructive, troublesome creatures that will do what they can to find food and shelter – even if that means putting you and your property at risk.

You do not want to deal with them, nor do you want them to have their way. Finding a solution is difficult here, but not impossible.

One of the promising methods of removal is the use of repellents. Repellents promise to remove the raccoon without you having to do much. Place the repellents and they will do all the work for you. At least, that is what they say.

Should you use them, though? Before going all in, know whether this is a smart choice.

Using Repellents
There are several types of repellents on the market. Some are repellents specifically for raccoons, while others are makeshift repellents that people say will work.

The truth is, not all of them do the job they promise. Some of them are going to do nothing at all, in fact, and knowing which ones are like this is important.

Certain repellents, like ammonia or moth balls, are popular but not too effective. On top of that, they are dangerous for the environment.

Others may try to outsmart the raccoon, but these are intelligent animals. They are not going to fall for it too easily.

One of the best repellents on the market, one that does work, is eviction fluid. Directly from a raccoon, it will make them leave by smelling like a male raccoon. The female runs off as a way to protect herself and her babies.

What to Do
With a repellent like eviction fluid, there is not a lot for you to do. Place the fluid around the chimney and let it do its work.

With the raccoon gone, though, you cannot just sit around and admire the job well done. You will have to take this a step further.

If you do not seal up the entrance in a safe way, the raccoon may return, or another one may come in. If it got in once, it can get in again. Look for safe ways to seal up the chimney so that raccoons cannot reenter.

Repellents, generally, do not work well with raccoons, but options like eviction fluid are an exception. Beyond using these, remember to seal up the area so that raccoons have no way to reenter.

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