No, Mothballs And Ammonia Will Not Keep Raccoons Away

Will Mothballs and Ammonia Keep Away Raccoons?
Raccoon infestations can become troublesome quickly. They cause damage, create messes, and are a serious health hazard. You want them gone quickly and with little effort.

Yes, you can get rid of them, but you want a solution that is fast, easy, and effective – but finding that is difficult. When looking online, you might find several methods people trust, including mothballs and ammonia, that make you wonder whether they work.

Before you go putting mothballs and ammonia all across your property, figure out whether they will actually do anything for you. Know the facts before going into this method of deterring raccoons.

Using Mothballs and Ammonia
People online or in your neighborhood may swear by it, but that does not mean it works. If you meet someone who says it worked for them, you will have to second guess what they are saying. Not because they are lying, but because these do not work and they may not realize the true reason the raccoon goes away.

Raccoons do not care about mothballs and ammonia. If all other conditions remain the same, except the use of mothballs and ammonia around your property, raccoons are not going to leave. You will continue to have a problem with them coming into your home.

Others may assume it does something, but the removal of raccoons may be natural or through other methods the individual took. Mothballs and ammonia are not going to stop raccoons. They are intelligent, curious animals that will not stop because of either thing.

Dangers of Mothballs and Ammonia
Along with being ineffective, both mothballs and ammonia are dangerous to use. They can damage the environment and other animals, creating problems far bigger for you than the raccoons.

These dangers can harm you, your pets, other wildlife, and your property. It can lead to significant costs at times, too.

You do not want to leave either of these around your property. They are damaging poisons that should not be left out around your property. There is far more to lose than to gain by doing so.

The use of mothballs and ammonia is common with wildlife, such as raccoons, but it is not a smart move. Neither work at removing raccoons and both pose significant dangers when left around your property. You do not want to put yourself, others, animals, or your property at risk for something that simply does not work.

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