What Works In Keeping Raccoons Out Of Your House?

Keeping Raccoons Out – What Works?
A raccoon problem can spiral out of control quickly. Without a way to stop them, you are going to have damage and health hazards all across your property.

While many solutions make big promises, not all of them work the way they should. This leaves you frustrated and with more issues ahead of you.

Stopping the raccoons means finding a solution that will live up to its promises. There are methods of raccoon removal out there that work, thankfully, so you are not out of luck.

Go with a solution proven to work if you want to see positive results. You will remove the raccoons from your property without wasted money or effort.

Exclusion Methods
If you want a certain and effective method of removing raccoons, you want to use exclusion methods. There are a few things you can do here, and they each work exceptionally well. Use them properly for best results.

Your first step should be removing access to your property. Using exclusion funnels and other types of exclusion builds, get the raccoon out and do not let it back inside. If it has made a home in your property, you want a way to get it out. Once out, you can seal up the hole so that it cannot reenter.

Wherever the raccoon is on your property, you want to remove anything it may like. This includes shelter, food, and whatever else it wants on your property. There is a reason it is there – take that away.

With no reason to be there, it may leave on its own. If it still has not, there are some other things you can do.

One of the most common ways to force a raccoon out is to use eviction fluid. Coming from a male raccoon, this fluid works wonders on female raccoons. They will not want to spend any time around your property with this around.

You can trap a raccoon, too. It is not too difficult and it does work, though it will require more time and effort for you. You will also have to remove the raccoon yourself once you catch it.

Look into release or kill options for after you catch the raccoon, as well. You want to do this according to local laws and what is right for the raccoon.

Raccoons may be a problem, but there are ways to remove them. You can have them gone with little effort and time if you choose the right method.

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