Keeping Raccoons Away From Your Property: What Actually Works

What Works in Keeping Raccoons Away
Raccoon infestations can leave you frustrated beyond belief. Raccoons cause damage and messes, they spread diseases, and they are a hassle all around. Getting rid of them is difficult, too, and raises your risk of exposure.

The best way to deal with raccoons is to keep them off your property from the start. To do this, you need methods of raccoon deterrence. You want to make sure the raccoon has no reason or desire to enter your property at all.

There are some methods, all of them taking some time and effort. You may have to employ multiple methods for best results, as just one might not keep the raccoons away. It depends on your specific situation.

No Entrance Allowed
Raccoons get in somewhere. Whether this is your fence or a tree, or anywhere else around your property, you want a way of keeping them out.

This is hard. Raccoons are exceptionally good climbers and will get into a property if they want to get into it. Keeping them out is not always possible, but you can manage it.

Your first goal should be to make it harder for them to get into your property. You will want to have a good fence, seal up holes around your home, and have limited access to the inside.

Make it harder for the raccoon to enter. The harder it is, the less likely raccoons are to get inside.

No Food or Shelter
If there is any access to food or shelter, there is a risk of raccoons entering. This is a major reason they go to your property, and making these things readily available to them will only entice them further.

Seal any food properly and do not leave pet food out overnight. If there is any food the raccoons can get with little effort, they will. They love taking the easy road, and that often means using the food you leave sitting around.

If you seal up your property fully, you will not have to worry about access to shelter. Still, you should check around your property to see if that risk is still there.

Eviction Fluid
Eviction fluid is fluid from a male raccoon. When put around the property, it will scare away other raccoons, primarily the pregnant females looking to nest. They see it as a threat and immediately move on to another area.

There is nothing stopping you from scaring away and deterring raccoons. With the methods to remove them, this is well within your reach.

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