Does Using A High Pitch Sound Machine Help To Keep Raccoons Away? (No)

Should You Use A Sound Machine on Raccoons?
Raccoon infestations can leave you aggravated and angry. These animals are dangers and problematic, spreading diseases and causing damage. You want them gone right away and you want them gone without a ton of hassle or effort – and certainly not putting yourself at risk.

One of the popular methods of going about this is sound machines. High pitch sound machines are common for people to use, at least at first, because they make big promises. Put the machine on and the animal will hate it, leaving for its own sanity – at least that is the promise the makers of these machines work.

Before you start relying on high pitches, know whether they will work. Do not throw everything into this one solution just because they make promises. Know whether it will work.

Does It Work?
High pitch sound machines sound great on paper, but they do not live up to their own hype and promises.

Logically, they should remove the animals, making them hate the place and feel uncomfortable, but that is not what happens. When the high pitches start, the raccoons are not going to care. It is not going to affect them at all.

They may annoy the raccoons slightly, but not enough to make them leave. At most, they may appear slightly annoyed. There is not going to be any significant change in the raccoons at all and they are not going to leave.

If you want to remove the raccoons, you are going to have to find a better solution.

What to Do
For a raccoon problem, you are going to want to use exclusion methods. Eviction fluid and other trust exclusion methods are the best choice in this situation. They actually do an effective job at keeping away raccoons.

These types of exclusion methods work without putting you at risk. They are just as safe as using the sound machines, with actual results to show for them.

You can also trap a raccoon. Trapping does work, but it will force you to go near the raccoon. It is a safe method in most cases, just one that you might not be comfortable doing.

Raccoons can annoy you and you may want to find a solution that is easy on you, but sound machines are not the right choice. As great as they seem on paper, they do not show the results they promise. There are other solutions out there that are just as easy and actually wor

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